Acidosis - Get it under control

Acidosis - Get it under control

With most dairy farmers now onto their second round the inclusion of more rapidly fermentable grass can bring with it the unset of acidosis!

Acid Buf is a slow-release rumen conditioner that will reduce the acid load in the rumen reducing the risk of acidosis. Acid Buf is proven to neutralise more than twice the amount of acid in comparison to sodium bicarbonate (see graph below).

Acid Buf is derived from marine algae, and a 100% natural animal feed ingredient. It meets the nutrient requirements for nutrition in dairy cows, beef cattle, goat and sheep.
Acid buf

Acid Buf neutralises more than twice the amount of acid ( Acid Buf 474ml, Sodium BiCarb 230ml) for a longer period (Acid Buf 8 hours BiCarb 30 mins)


Acid Buf offers nutritional solutions for:

  • long term optimum pH in the rumen
  • healthy rumen function, reduce subclinical rumen acidosis (SARA)
  • optimum mineral requirements in dairy cattle & ruminant nutrition
  • positive energy balance and body condition score during transition
  • stronger bones, healthy joints & better bone integrity

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The feeding of high concentrate diets to maximise productivity from dairy cows, beef cattle and dairy goats can lead to problems with increasing acid concentrations in the rumen. When the pH drops below 5.5 for extended periods, the rumen is experiencing sub-acute acidosis (SARA). This will impact on the flow of nutrients into the cow and can lead to reduced productivity.
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