Feeding Moist Feeds as a buffer

Feeding Moist Feeds as a buffer


EORNAGOLD is produced from pressed residual (spent) grains, evaporated syrup and a centrifuged cake residue from the whiskey distillation process. Initially, water is added to milled corn or barley and malt, and processed in the brew house to extract sugars for fermentation by yeast.

Eornagold can be fed to most livestock in a wide range of feeding situations. Whether used as part of a total mixed ration (TMR), as a sole concentrate feed or part of a simple mix, care should be taken to ensure a good long fibre source is present and that adequate mineral and vitamin supplementation is added.

Typical Analysis

(Dry matter basis except DM)

Dry Matter 30-32%

Crude Protein 28%

Oil 10%

NDF 43%

Starch 6%

Sugar 1%

ME (MJ/KG DM) 13.5