Feeding the Dairy Cow this winter

Feeding the Dairy Cow this winter

Increase milk yield and enhance milk production with EornaGold Moist Feed

EORNAGOLD Moist Feed provides the best value protein and source of energy for your herd

Protein and energy are the most important nutrients when considering feed options for dairy cows.

If cows are not receiving sufficient energy in their diets, then milk production will decrease, milk protein levels will drop, and body condition, as well as fertility, will fall.

EornaGold Moist Feed

  • A high-quality protein source and energy content
  • Enhances dry matter intake as it is highly palatable
  • Adds high digestible fibre to lower acidosis risk
  • Stimulates rumen function
  • Increases milk solids and ideal as inclusion for high yielding dairy feeds
  • Ideal TMF and buffer feed
  • Suitable for diets with a lower dry matter content
  • Can be pitted

Manage costs, animal nutrition and herd performance with EORNAGOLD Moist Feed

Feeding for Performance

Success Story

The Results

  • 14.12% increase in milk volume
  • 3L per head per day yield increase
  • Improved Cow Fertility
“We saw an immediate increase in milk yield. Over time this has solidified into an increase of 3L per head per day” ― John & Anne Shanahan, Dairy Farm, Midleton, Co Cork
Milk recording on John’s farm very clearly shows how the improved yield and milk solids are bolstering the overall success of the farm. Milk solids have gone from 548kg to 588kg. Milk volume has improved from 7605L to 8679L. This very clearly shows the benefits of Eornagold in buffer feeding. ― Rachel McCarthy - Moist Feed Specialist, Specialist Nutrition

Moist Feeds produce excellent results and are great value for money.

They are delivered directly onto farm and can be fed fresh or pitted as part of a TMR.

If you have any questions, call Specialist Nutrition on 051 833071.