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Specialist Nutrition LLC Appoints New General Manager Appointed

New General Manager Appointed


Specialist Nutrition LLC has appointed John Balbian of Amsterdam, NY as General Manager of their animal feeds company based in Syracuse, NY. John has extensive knowledge of the New York dairy scene and has farmed in the area for four generations.

Specialist Nutrition has a proven track record in brewery and distillery co-product management and is a trusted partner to farmers since 1859. This launch sees them bring this expertise to the US animal feed market, and is good news for dairy farmers in the NY area who are suffering from a deficit of forage on-farm, following a challenging year.

Specialist Nutrition specialize in moist and liquid animal feeds, providing value to farmers through high-quality, nutritious animal feeds.

Two new animal feed products will be available FULTONGOLD and FULTONSYRUP, both of which are nutritious co-products from the ethanol industry

Operating to the highest standards of performance and integrity, Specialist Nutrition can advise farmers on how moist and liquid feeds fit into their dietary system as well as on the storing and preserving these feeds.

John will be joined by a team of experts to support farm customers, and nutritionists and his team are dedicated to delivering a consistent and reliable supply of locally produced New York feeds.

To find out more about how moist and liquid feeds can support your feeding system, contact our experienced team in East Syracuse, NY on telephone +315 671 1695 or