Silage - Improve Feed Value

Silage - Improve Feed Value

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Do you want to improve the feed value of your silage?

Achieving a fast and efficient fermentation is vital if you want to produce high-quality grass silage

New Magniva Silage inoculants contain a patented combination of bacteria combined with enzymes to deliver outstanding results. Achieving the best possible fermentation with Magniva crop and condition-specific inoculants help minimise the losses which cut feed energy before silage reaches your cows

Cutting both invisible and visible clamp losses is an essential part of feeding more of what you grow.


A Lallemand Crop and Condition SpeciĀ­fic forage inoculant is always recommended to provide rapid lactic acid fermentation and to preserve as many nutrients as possible.

If you would like to know more above which silage inoculant is right for your crop or to discuss your results in more detail, call Nigel on 087 093 8170