Stockman the right choice for your Grassland System!

Stockman the right choice for your Grassland System!

Grass reseeding is an important grassland management tool.

Grass as a forage is key to Irelands competitive advantage as the majority of our livestock systems are grassland based. It is therefore no surprise that at Specialist Nutrition we believe that Irish farmers should have the best available grass genetics at their disposal. Grass reseeding is an important grassland management tool leading to increased productivity of livestock farming. Essentially you are sowing the very best grass varieties that are available and replacing broadleaf weeds, grass weeds and older less productive perennial ryegrass plants. There has been a strong message from research and advisory organisations in the past 10 years that reseeding pays and delivers increased stock carrying capacity, reduces costs and increases profitability. Grassland reseeding is one of the best paying investments available to grassland farmers. Grazed grass is the cheapest feed for cows and drystock and grass silage is among the cheapest winter feeds you can produce.

Timing of reseeding is extremely is often discussed, it is extremely important to aim to have the job completed before mid-September and earlier if possible. This will give the seeds the best chance of germination and subsequent growth as growth will decline as the year moves on. Early seeding will also provide an opportunity to graze young seedlings with calves before the winter which will encourage tillering to give you a strong vibrant sward next year. In addition to this, early seeding will also allow for the application of post-emergence sprays to help eliminate weeds. It is while weeds are young and week relative to their normal status that you will have the best chance of eliminating them from your new ley. If clover is to be included in your seed mix, then the earlier the better as clover takes longer to establish itself.

The Stockman range of grass seed mixtures is one of the best known grass seed brands in Irish Agriculture. It is mainly used by the very best grassland farmers who demand more from their pastures, although there is a grass mixture in the range to suit most grassland reseeding situations. Well known Stockman mixtures such as Permanent Pasture, General Purpose Ley, Full Cover Grazer, Intensive Grazer and Intensive Silage are known for their ideal combination of high performance in terms of grazing and silage yields as well as good persistency for a long productive life.

According to Specialist Nutrition Managing Director Jim Buckley 'one of the reasons Stockman proves successful is the higher tetraploid inclusion rates than standard grass seed brands. Tetraploids have a higher yield potential than diploid varieties but with better intake potential due to a higher digestibility and palatability. A farmer can be assured that rather than getting a general grazing mixture they can chose one which is specific to their farm, soil type and management system.'