Specialist Nutrition

Calf Starter Feed

High quality mineral feed formulated for calves
Axcelera-C  Accelerator For Calves

Axcelera-C Accelerator For Calves

Calf Starter Feed

Axcelera-C  Accelerator For Calves

Axcelera-C Accelerator For Calves

Axcelera-C from AB Neo is the world’s first Accelerator for calves. Each calf is offered only a handful of Axcelera-C from day 3 until weaning to supplement the existing calf milk diet. Enhanced calf nutrition is the route to lifetime performance for beef and dairy cattle, and Axcelera-C is an easy way of supplying the calf with even more lactose. Axcelera-C applies unique formulation and process technology to create a highly palatable, ultra-high lactose accelerator for calves. Unlike liquid milk, it enters and is digested directly in the rumen, accelerating its development from day 3. Trials show accelerated calves grow faster, show faster rumen development and can be weaned earlier, with reduced growth check at weaning. Incidence and severity of nutritional scours are also reduced.

Calf Starter Feed From Day 3 Until Weaning

Key Features

  • Accelerated calves grow faster
  • Faster rumen development through earlier and greater solid food intake
  • Enables earlier weaning age, with reduced check at weaning
  • Reduced incidence and severity of nutritional scours
  • Improved lifetime milk yield, longevity and fertility in dairy cows

Feeding Rates

Offer Axcelera-C in addition to your existing milk programme

3-21 Days Offer ad lib as a starter feed replacement

21 Days - Weaning Offer 150g/hd/day placed on top of starter feed

For group-housed calves Mix 15% Axcelera-C fresh every day with your starter feed

Bag Size 12.5kgs

Handling and Storage

Store in secure cool dry conditions. Care should be taken to ensure correct amounts are weighed and that the straight material is kept away from animal contact

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