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Crimp Additive

Minimise the losses which cut feed energy before silage reaches your cows

MAGNIVA Crimp additives

Achieving a fast and efficient fermentation and a feed which is aerobically stable when opened are vital if you want to produce more, high quality fermented crimped grains to let you take control of feed costs.

Formulated specifically for all fermented crimped grains, MAGNIVA PLATINUM CRIMP contains a unique combination of proven bacteria which will ensure:

• Increased aerobic stability after opening
• More crimp to feed due to lower dry matter losses
Less heating so increased feed value
Reduced contamination with yeast and moulds

Achieving the best possible fermentation with MAGNIVA Crimp crop and condition-specific additives helps minimise the losses which cut feed energy before silage reaches your cows

Cutting both invisible and visible clamp losses is an essential part of feeding more of what you grow.

Magniva Platinum Crimp

Magniva Platinum Crimp

Magniva Platinum Crimp

Magniva Platinum Crimp

MAGNIVA PLATINUM CRIMP is recommended For crimped Wheat, Barley, Triticale or Oats

Containing both homofermentative and heterofermentative bacteria helps ensure faster preservation when
clamped, while helping prevent heating and spoilage when the clamp is opened.

Key Features

Single application rate and non-corrosive compared to equivalent acid treatments. Increased efficiency of fermentation, 15 days opening option, increased aerobic stability

Packaging size Tonnes Treated (TT): 10TT and 25TT

Ensiling condition: Mature grain

Dry Matter Range: 25-40%* *moisture content

HC Technology

For ease and accuracy of application, MAGNIVA forage additives are formulated using Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s patented HC technology, giving a more concentrated inoculant with big benefits:

• Highly soluble

• Easier and faster mixing

• Faster refilling in the field

• More consistent mix and no sedimentation problem

• Even application to the crop for more consistent silage

• Suitable for low volume applicators

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