Vistapre-T for Fiber Utilisation

Vistapre-T for Fiber Utilisation

Feed & Forage Pre-treatment

Vistapre-T for Fiber Utilisation

Vistapre-T for Fiber Utilisation

VistaPre-T helps improve digestibility in the rumen and unlock the potential of your fibre.

VistaPre-T’s unique mode of action enables improved fibre utilisation, resulting in greater energy release from roughages and fibrous co-products that can deliver improved efficiency and performance.

Applied directly onto the Total Mixed Ration as a liquid, VistaPre-T starts to work immediately to break down forage surface fibre.

Enables pre-digestion of fibre before consumption.

Do you want to Increase Milk Yield And Meat Production? Choose VistaPre-T

Key Features

  • Improves digestibility of a wide range of forages
  • Increase DMD value and ME value of different forages
  • Make the most of home grown forages
  • Liquid application to speed activity

Feeding Rates

Vistapre-T is a liquid product added to forage prior to feeding and water must be added. Quantity fed is dependent on DMI. Consult with your nutritionist for application rates to your forage.

Handling and Storage

Store in secure cool dry conditions. Care should be taken to ensure correct amounts are weighed and that the straight material is kept away from animal contact.

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