Sugar Beet

Sugar Beet

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Sugar Beet

Sugar Beet

Gahan Sugar Beet

High Dry Matter Sugar Beet - suitable for Lift and Pit.

This is a next-generation sugar beet with high dry matter content and very high yields. This clean beet has proven very popular countrywide with both contractors & farmers, and it has also proven its ability to drive improvements in animal performance.

Gahan has very large tops, potentially protecting the crown when harvesting late.

Bolting resistance is excellent.

Mildew and rust resistance is also very good.

Gahan is also Rhizomania tolerant.

Sugar Beet Gahan Variety

Years in trial: 3years

Colour: White

Mean Fresh Yield/ Ha: 86.1

Rel Fresh Yield: 104%

Mean DM: 23.5%

Rel DM Yield: 119%

Dirt Score: 4

% Above Ground: 25%

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