Beef Farming

Beef Farming

Maximise live weight gain and help maintain consistency of production

Drive Your Beef Farming Performance With Superior Nutrition & Specialist Support

Maximise your beef farm’s performance with superior nutritional feeds that enhance animal well-being and performance. Tap into the wealth of expertise available at Specialist Nutrition, your local experts in animal health and nutrition.

Expertise in Beef Farming Feeds

Specialist Nutrition provides high-quality, comprehensive nutritional feeds which are expertly formulated to boost the vitality and performance of your beef herd. Our experienced nutritionists have a deep understanding of cattle nutrition and the latest research to collaborate closely with farmers to achieve maximum results. We work as dedicated partners to unlock your farm's full potential.

We're here to support and empower your beef farming journey through our steadfast commitment to fostering top-tier performance via advanced animal nutrition.

With nutritionists all over the island of Ireland, we’re always local to your farm. You can rely on us for continuous consultation, forage analysis, and bespoke nutritional recommendations for continued herd health and high performance. Ask our expert nutritionists today for friendly and personalised advice on improving herd performance.

For more information on beef farming feeds please call + 353 (0) 51 833071 or contact your local Specialist Nutrition Technical Consultant.

Beef Farming Challenges

Beef Farming Challenges

Are you looking to:

  • Reduce sorting

    Moist and liquid feeds help to make the feed ration more palatable. It also will in turn reduce competition during feeds.

  • Manage feed costs

    Moist and liquid feeds are a more cost effective feeding option in a mixed ration diet than dried feeds and have a lower carbon footprint.

  • Increase performance

    Highly palatable, moist and liquid feeds reduce sorting and promote intakes. Nutrients are more readily available and digestible to the animals which in turn improve condition and live weight gain. Farmers report a reduction in acidosis and lameness

  • Easier handling and feeding

    Moist and liquid feeds are easy to store and easily incorporated into rations

  • Increase intakes

    Rich in degradable protein, energy, minerals and fibre, and fully traceable, moist and liquid feeds offer quality, low-cost alternative feed ingredients. They are a good source of energy and protein and are highly palatable, which enhances dry matter intake.

  • Get a highly palatable feed

    Moist and liquid feeds are highly palatable and offer an excellent source of protein and energy for your feed. With digestible fiber they can be used as part of your forage replacement strategy

  • Secure consistency in quality and supply of animal feeds

    Specialist Nutrition monitors and audits all our suppliers to ensure that they deliver the highest quality feed product. Together, we are committed to providing a reliable and trusted service to farmers. We carry the Bord Bia Quality Mark and have the UFAS accreditation.

  • Produced in Ireland animal feed solutions

    Produced and delivered fresh daily around the country. All loads are fully traceable.

  • Experienced local technical support

    Specialist Nutrition’s nationwide experienced team brings a level of expertise to ensure the highest quality products are delivered. Our technical team are available to support you