Why crimp?

Why crimp?

Preserving and storing home-grown cereal grains

High Moisture Crimp Grain (HMCG) is a great way to preserve and store local or home-grown cereal grains on farm. It is both an economical and environmentally friendly solution with multiple benefits:

  • Harvested at 25-35% moisture, it allows for a greater window for combining and the harvest is less weather dependent
  • Nutritious, palatable and a rumen friendly energy source
  • Reduces bought-in feed requirements

The ensiling process

Like all ensiling processes, crimping needs to be done correctly:

  • Clean handling and storage area – locate a suitable place to tip the grain before processing
  • Make sure the clamp is clean, swept and the walls are solid enough to withstand compaction of the crimp
  • Plan your harvest – walk your crop and check the moisture levels
  • Order your additive - MAGNIVA Platinum Crimp (L. hilgardii CNCM I-4785 and L. buchneri NCIMB 40788) facilitates the production of important acetic, lactic and propionic acids, leading to a quick heterofermentative process. The use of an additive lends to the early reduction in spoilage organisms and nutrient loss.
  • Crimp the grain within 24 hours of harvest
  • Build the clamp of crimped grain in thin layers with good compaction
  • Cover with a clean polythene sheet, ensuring all air is excluded and secure with tyres, mats, or sandbags

Feeding out

Good feed out practice is also important to minimise losses to your crimp grain:

  • Keep the clamp of crimped grains sealed for 15 days. MAGNIVA Platinum Crimp allows for the safe opening of the clamp after this period.
  • Keep the feed face neat – cut it cleanly and work across the full clamp face at least once per week
  • Keep the face of the clamp uncovered – a loose sheet over the face can create the perfect environment for unwanted spoilage organisms to take over

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