SN Triple Booster Pack

SN Triple Booster Pack

High Energy pack to improve overall animal performance and rumen function

High Energy pack to improve overall animal performance and rumen function

  • Boost milk yield
  • Enhance BCS in early lactation
  • Improve fertility

1. Boosts animal PERFORMANCE

  • Increases milk yield up to 5L and raises milk solids (as trials have shown)
  • Increases fibre digestion which leads to improved butterfat level
  • Beef Farming: Promotes extra weight gain in beef (LWG), increasing productivity per kg/dry matter intake


  • Combats negative energy balance (NEB) in early lactation.
  • Reduces the risk of acidosis by combining rumen buffers to improve rumen efficiency and optimising healthy rumen function
  • At 37 ME (MJ/kg DM) the Triple Booster provides a fantastic concentrated healthy energy source

3. Improves Body Condition Score (BCS) and BOOSTS HERD FERTILITY

  • Helps reduce body condition loss, particularly in early lactation
  • The combination of C16:C18 protected fats will enhance BCS and fertility
  • Readily available energy source to enhance fertility during NEB
Specialist nutrition Racel on farm with John O Callaghan co Cork

Trial Results

"We began using SN Triple Booster Pack in August 2020 as part of a trial with Specialist Nutrition.

Specialist Nutrition believed that this combination pack providing energy and improving rumen function would increase overall animal performance. In particular, we were looking for a boost in milk composition and yield in an already high yielding herd and an improvement in overall herd fertility.

We trialled 15 cows on against 15 not on the triple booster with equal ability and age.

The animals were fed using a hopper specially developed for use with the Lely Astronaut.

Initially we didn't see huge increases as my herd were already on one of the ingredients, and I had seen the first lift in yield from using this already. However, by October a significant difference was clear.

The group getting the SN Triple Booster Pack were on average producing over 5 litres more than their counterparts.

When I analyse overall herd performance, 9 of the top 10 are on the trial, and all milking over 42ltrs while holding body condition.

I have seen fertility improve with an increase in conception to first service.”

Specialist Nutrition provide all the nutritional advice I need and have a tailored plan for the herd. Cows are happy, in great condition, going in calf and filling the tank. "

John O’Callaghan


Glucosure is particularly suitable for high performance dairy herds and where there is poor utilisation of energy sources and limited feed intake

Glucosure Energy Boost

Glucosure is particularly suitable for high- performance dairy herds, and where there is poor utilisation of energy sources and limited feed intake.

Used mainly in robotic milking systems it gives an energy
boost at milking time plus it helps bring the cow to the robot.

Glucosure has three unique properties:

  • Slow-release sugars
  • Prolonged blood glucose and insulin release
  • Sweet and palatable

The unique composition of Glucosure offers exceptional palatability and a slow-release high energy ingredient that can stimulate animals to increase their feed intake and enhance appetite.

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