About Us

About Us

Providing value to farmers through high-quality, nutritious animal feeds

Moist Feed & Forage Specialists

Specialist Nutrition is an experienced animal feeds company, supplying a comprehensive range of high-quality feeds and supplements to progressive dairy, beef and pig farmers.

The origins of the Arvum Group date back to 1859 when the Power family established its first agribusiness in Waterford, Ireland. Today, Specialist Nutrition is proud to be part of the tradition and leading the way in animal nutrition.

Specialist Nutrition is dedicated to bringing this expertise to the Irish animal feed market operating in the Irish market, and in New York State, USA, with further expansion planned.

Specialist Nutrition has worked with farmers to support animal health and farm profitability since 1998. As leaders in Moist feed and Forage solutions, animal feeds are the most efficient and sustainable feed available and provide the best value protein and source of energy for animals.

We partner with farmers who value how our Animal Feed can fit into their farm system and have a very experienced team who provide Expert Nutritional Advice. Along with a range of minerals and high-quality performance products formulated using the latest research, we work with all available on-farm forage to produce real results and help build a profitable future for farmers.

Specialist Nutrition can advise farmers on how moist, and liquid feeds fit into their dietary system as well as on storing, preserving our feeds.

Our growing product range reflects the increasing requirement for high-performance nutrition products for farmers.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you, and support your farm system, please call us on 051 833 071

Specialist Nutrition is an Arvum Group company; which is an innovative group of agribusinesses with interests in seed and animal nutrition. See www.arvumgroup.ie.