Handling & Storage Guide

Handling & Storage Guide

Whether feeding fresh or ensiling, it is important to follow these simple steps set out in the below guides to minimise any wastage and maintain the products nutritional value.

Correct storage and good preservation can be achieved by following the guidelines below:

1. The speed at which the product is covered is critical

It is essential to start to compact your load of moist feed within 24 hours. Do not leave it to stand as the air gets in quickly, and the spoilage process begins. For multiple loads; get them into the pit as soon as possible and if necessary, cover your pit temporarily for the night and open the following day again.

2. Bunks must be covered correctly

The exclusion of air is essential when covering a pit. Make sure the top of the pit is smooth and even. Cover with a high-grade plastic sheet and weigh down the sides and top appropriately. Lastly, make sure the cover does not get damaged.

The guidelines of handling and storage are hugely important to how successful your feeding of Moist & Liquid feed is. Specialist Nutrition is here to help you all the way.

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