Solutions for Beef Herds

Solutions for Beef Herds

Manage costs, animal nutrition and herd performance while adding moisture to your feeds


  • Contains good quality protein and energy
  • Enhances dry matter intakes
  • Improves rumen fermentation
  • Ideally suited for milk production helping maintain rumen function
  • Excellent feed for ruminants
  • Easily stored and incorporated into many feeding systems
  • Quality assured product
  • Produced in Ireland and delivered fresh every
    day to ensure you are getting the
    maximum nutritional value.

Beef Farming Solutions

Moist and Liquid feeds are quality co-products that originate from the food and beverage industry. These are primarily wet distillers’ grains and condensed distillers’ syrup. As moist feeds, these products have had excess water removed but have not been through a drying process. This maximises the products’ nutritional value and delivers the best value to the farmer.

Benefits for Beef Herds

  • Good value
  • Highly palatable
  • Reduced cost per head per day
  • Reduced sorting
  • Locally produced animal feed solutions
  • Improved intakes

Feeds are rich in protein, minerals and fiber and can be fed to livestock in a wide range of feeding situations, as part of a total mixed ration (TMR), or to replace part of the concentrate of a simple feed regime. Both products can also be used as part of the forage replacement strategy.

Our feeds are delivered fresh daily to ensure you are getting the maximum nutritional value.

How to handle moist and liquid feeds

The guidelines of handling and storage are HERE and are hugely important to how successful your feeding of moist and liquid feeds is. Specialist Nutrition is here to help you all the way.

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