Brian Rohan
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“The nutrition advice I get is absolutely brilliant. Its great to be able to work with someone like that.”
Brian Rohan

Brian Rohan

Abbeyleix, Co. Laois
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Transitioning for success at Annegrove Farm

As we approach the end of lactation with spring calving herds, paying close attention to the dry period is essential. It is an important area yet one of the most neglected periods of lactation.

From September 2021, Specialist Nutrition worked with Brian Rohan to ensure his herd transitioned successfully to a new lactation in 2022.

Team work delivering results for Annegrove farm

In September, Nigel Condell of Specialist Nutrition visited Annegrove farm and chatted to Brian Rohan about working together to deliver results on farm.

Specialist Nutrition has been working for Brian for over 20 years, solving challenges and maximising herd performance without sacrificing fertility or herd health. Through the following videos, Nigel will be guiding Brian through his dry cow period to ensure his herd transitions for success into their next lactation.

The importance of body condition scoring

Nigel looks at some of Brian's autumn calving cows to assess their body condition.

Farmers should monitor the BCS of their cows in the lead up to drying off and throughout the dry cow period.

The target BCS at dry off is between 3.0 – 3.25, with cows calving down in the same condition.

Assessing BCS early enough is critical for accommodating any nutritional changes required, reducing the risk of health issues at calving resulting from cows being over or under condition.

Analysing silage and mineral nutrition

Nigel Condell of Specialist Nutrition speaks with Jim Uprichard of Trouw Nutrition Ireland about analysing silage and using this information to improve the mineral nutrition of dry cows over the winter period.

Nigel will then take this silage analysis and information and develop a dry cow diet for Brian's herd.

With silage quality and varying composition year on year depending on the stage of cutting, reseeding, fertiliser and slurry usage, and weather, we cannot assume that the same mineral composition will always be required. Therefore, accurate analysis and balancing the diet is key to a successful dry period.

Dry cow nutrition

Following on from speaking with Jim Uprichard from Trouw Nutrition Ireland, Nigel returns to Annegrove farm to discuss the dry cow diet with Brian.

Nigel takes Brian through body condition scoring cows in the run up to drying off and housing before then discussing the pre-calver diet he has developed.

Feeding a well balanced dry cow diet and ongoing monitoring of BCS is critical to healthy parturition and avoiding metabolic disorders post calving. When managed correctly, this sets the stage for a successful lactation and subsequent breeding period.