Crimping Cereals

Crimping Cereals

Crimp to make forage

Crimp is a high energy feed rich in slower fermented starch which can replace purchased feeds in the diet. Harvested at 25-40% moisture, the grain is cracked and treated with an inoculant to produce a rumen friendly feed which can be fed at high rates with less risk of acidosis. Harvested around three weeks earlier than traditional cereals, crimping provides an ideal entry for a grass reseed or a fodder crop and also means straw is produced for feeding or bedding. After combining, the harvested crop will need to be treated using a specialist crimper and treated with Magniva Platinum Crimp to maintain aerobic stability.


✔On-farm energy source

✔ Straw produced

✔ Higher grain yield

✔ Rumen friendly feed

✔ Allows early establishment of successor crop


✘ Contractor availability

✘ Separate clamp required

✘ Specialist processing needed

Specialist nutrition grass mixtures

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