Best grass seed for cutting and grazing on the recommended list

Best grass seed for cutting and grazing on the recommended list

from Specialist Nutrition

Best grass seed on the recommended list for cutting and grazing. Specialist Nutrition will help you choose the grass mixture most suitable for your on-farm forage needs.

3 Grass Essentials

No. 1. Graze Out - A variety that delivers 15T is not much use on a farm if the cow won’t eat it!

No. 2. Yield - If the variety grazes out, you want it to produce as much as possible

No. 3. Quality - Now you have your utilisable yield determined, we want that to be of the highest quality possible

SN Cut & Graze Mixture

30% Nifty for spring growth; leaf content; silage yields

15% Elysium for spring growth; silage yields

15% Kerry for spring growth; leaf content

15% Xenon for best grazing variety tested by Teagasc

20% Aspect for 2nd best grazing variety

5% Coolfin White Clover

SN Grazing Mixture

45% Nifty Spring Growth; leaf content; Silage yields

25% Xenon Best grazing variety tested by Teagasc

25% Aspect 2nd best grazing variety

5% Coolfin White Clover

Specialist Nutrition Grazing Mix is the best combination available anywhere!


Overseeding with ProNitro

is a cost effective way of establishing grass seed, while taking the risk out with Nitrogen seed coating, ProNitro.

Offers significantly stronger and faster establishment. ProNitro is coated directly on to the seed to give the germinating and developing seedling the full benefit of the additional nutrition.

The roots and shoots grow rapidly, developing strong seedlings that grow at least 30% more vigorously. These are useful developmental traits for overseeding and a competitive sward.

ProNitro Mixture - Ready to Grow

35% Solas

60% Aspect

5% White Clover

Rachel Mc Carthy

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All our varieties are high performers on the Teagasc Grazing Trials and offer versatility with an excellent combination of high yields, quality, and persistence.

Designed for both grazing and silage and have been proven in the fields and parlours of Ireland.

Grazing Only Mixtures

SN Grazer

DLF Grazer

DLF 4N Grazer

DLF Herbal Ley 6 Species

Cutting Only

DLF Perennial Silage

DLF Hybrid Silage

DLF Hybrid Silage + Red Clover

Specialist Mixtures

DLF 100% Organic

DLF Horse Paddock

DLF low Input Pasture

Zero Graze

DLF Zero Graze

Cut & Graze

SN Cut & Graze

DLF Persistence

DLF All Stock

DLF Performance

DLF Heavy Soils