Did first cut silage go to plan?

Did first cut silage go to plan?

Did first cut silage go to plan?

Get your first cut silage analysed for quality, and measure clamps to establish what you have in terms of feed value and tonnes of dry matter.

You can only manage what you have measured.

This year's tonnage is high but quality may be lower than expected, which will require careful management for the feeding season. With concentrate costs increasing, balancing this silage nutritionally will be expensive. However, there are options to suit all farm situations.


  1. Initial focus should be to harvest a high quality second cut.
  2. Optimise second cut quality with a precut test of the silage platform.
  3. Consider whether a third cut may be needed if the second cut acreage is smaller than initially planned to ensure there is enough high-quality grass silage available on farm.
  4. With these later cuts being more difficult to ensile, consider the MAGNIVA Platinum Forage Additive range to maximise the potential of your forage.

Chat to Specialist Nutrition for more information on pre-cut testing and optimising the grass silage in your diets.


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