Magniva silage additive from Specialist Nutrition

Magniva silage additive from Specialist Nutrition

Quality silage is the nutritional cornerstone of your forage.

When it comes to first cut grass silage, it can never be too high in quality. It is the foundation of your winter nutrition, and the quality plays a huge role in determining the costs of your winter diets.

The aim on farm should be to produce the highest quality first cut crop as possible without exceeding yields of 10ton per acre. Later cuts should be used to build tonnage. Cutting a bulky, high tonne/lower quality first cut is a false economy – the cost of ensiling is the same whether good quality or bad!

An integrated approach maximises the quality of your grass silage and overall grass production on farm.

By choosing the right additive, farmers can ensure optimal preservation of dry matter and the nutritional value of their silage from the field to feed out, optimising performance and animal efficiency.

Here's what some of our customers had to say:

Since we started using the Magniva additive range, the cows are much more satisfied and content in themselves when eating the silage. We also find there is minimal sorting of silage at the barrier since using the Magniva silage range. ― Michael O Connell, Coolnadane, Co. Cork
You won't be disappointed when you pull back the cover with the Magniva silage additive! I find there is no waste on the tops or sides of the pit, and there is always an excellent clean out from the cows at the barrier. I see the additive as an insurance policy, you can guarantee the stability of the pit and the minimisation of problems for the winter when you use it. ― Tim Lyons, Berrings, Co.Cork
We have always placed a big focus on making quality silage and have used a silage additive 30 years. We switched to the Magniva Range 8 years ago & have noticed there is zero waste silage since switching. ― Michael Dilworth & Family, Donoughmore, Co. Cork
You could nearly eat the silage yourself (We don’t recommend this!) when you're using the Magniva silage additive range. Last year, I used the Magniva liquid range against a powder-based additive. On average, the silage treated with Magniva liquid was 5 DMD better than the powder-treated silage. ― Eoin Moriarty, Dingle, Co. Kerry